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  • Brampton Community Centre
  • Age UK Carlisle and Eden
  • Brampton Bus Buddy Scheme
    Bus Buddy is aimed at senior citizens who have the NOW card but are nervous of travelling alone on public transport and who are unable or not confident to drive anymore.
    Ring: Margaret or Harry Simpson on Brampton (016977) 2579 or download a flyer (pdf) for more details.
  • Brampton Stroke Club
    The Stroke Club meets from 7:00pm at the Moot Hall Brampton on the first Thursday of the month. Activities include talks, demonstrations, trips and outings for a meal. Meetings end with coffee/tea and biscuits and a raffle, prizes being donated by members.
    Club subscription is £10 per year.
    Anyone interested in joining should contact: Mrs Ann Thompson 016977 3131
  • The Silverline Helpline
    A helpline for older people: 0800 328 8888
    Advice, information, friendship.
    No question too big. No problem too small. No need to be alone.
    Available from 25th November 2013.
  • Voluntary Social Car Scheme
    Click on the link above to see latest details, costs, etc. or download the flyer.
    Local contacts:
    Brampton: Anne or Sue on 07825 340226
    Walton: Pat on 016977 45414
    Roadhead: Freddie on 016977 48241
    Warwick bridge area: Brian on 01228 524831 / 07540 444707
    or John on 01228 564067
    Could you be a volunteer driver? Download the flyer for details.
  • Rural Wheels
    Click on the link above to see latest details, costs, etc. or download the leaflet with application form.
  • The Cinnamon Trust
    "The only specialist national charity for people in their last years and their much loved, much needed companion animals. A network of 15,000 volunteers "hold hands" with owners to provide vital loving care for their pets. We keep them together - for example, we'll walk a dog every day for a housebound owner, we'll foster pets when owners need hospital care, we'll fetch the cat food, or even clean out the bird cage, etc. When staying at home is no longer an option, our Pet Friendly Care Home Register lists care homes and retirement housing happy to accept residents with pets, and providing previous arrangements have been made with us we will take on life time care of a bereaved pet."